“With a fair price for our bananas, we will be able to take better care of our workers and our land.”
Hoover Encalada
Head of Communications, Miami Office

Company Overview

Our company has sold its bananas to all of the big exporters for well over 50 years. For a long time, growers have been at the mercy of the big exporters. The last few years have been very hard on farmers. The prices that we are paid by the exporters most times do not cover basic operating costs. Most times the official price is not respected by exports and farmers are paid below what the law mandates. In Ecuador, there are even caress of farmers losing their land to one very big and well known exporting company in particular.

Our goal is to sell our fruit directly into the free market.

With a fair price for our bananas, we will be able to take better care of our workers and our land. We can pay our people better salaries, offer their children better education, and provide benefits such as health care programs. We will be better able to take care of our banana plantations enabling us to increase our production and take better care of the environment.

Our plan is to let our superior quality and customer service speak for itself. Since we are a small company we can offer our clients competitive prices, versatility, specialized services, and more choices.
We also are in the process of converting some of our farms to Organic Banana Production.

Our mission

Our mission is to grow profitably through innovation and operational excellence in supplying fresh bananas into the free market.


  • GlobalG.A.P. Certified
  • Rain Forest Alliance Certified
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